Midlife Reflections for the New Year

By Marjie Killeen, Contributor- Midlife Wisdom

If you follow my video posts here at The Succulent Wife, you know I've been having a midlife crisis. But hooray! As 2011 winds down, I now declare it officially over. Yes, my big 5-0 birthday creeps ever nearer and my son is heading off to college in the fall, but since I've addressed many of the issues that come with this age and life stage, I have to say I'm feeling damn good.

Middle age can be a sweet, sexy, and liberating time of life. Check out this short video where I pass on a few straight tips (including one about hormones) to make your midlife transition more satisfying – whenever it occurs. In the meantime, have a happy New Year!

Editor’s Note: To follow Marjie’s “My Midlife Crisis” adventures, visit her Midlife Crisis posts right here on The Succulent Wife or read more of her midlife-centric trials & tribulations on her blog at FortyFabulous.Blogspot.com.

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