Mistura Watches – Eco-Friendly Sophistication

I love art festivals. Especially the great ones that happen all summer long, here in the Chicago area. And it’s especially satisfying when I stumble upon great artists, like watch designers Juan Felipe Barreneche and Damiel Schemel who design the unique Mistura watches. True harmony between Mother Nature and watch-making.

The Mistura timepieces are not only stylish, they also have a focus on ecological matters. The face of the Mistura watch is made from exotic woods from the South American tropics: Bamboo, Macana, Coconut skin, Carreto, Guayacan and Nazarene. The watch cases are made either of wood or of recycled materials (70% plastic, 27% aluminum, 3% paper). Watch straps are all leather with wood clasps.

The watches are unisex though a few models were designed with women in mind. See all designs on the Mistera website here, where you can also purchase.

Now your wrist can be green too. Who knew?

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One Response to Mistura Watches – Eco-Friendly Sophistication

  1. Annette Morrin says:

    I agree nice watches, but when purchased at Art Fairs these items are buy sell and are not made in the United States and are taking a spot that a legit artist who makes and designs their own work! These watches are easy to find online and in many stores! Please support art fair artist by NOT purchaceing buy sell work!

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