Mosquitoes Biting? We Got You Covered

By Audrey van Petegem, Senior Editor

Summer is a time to enjoy long days and star-filled nights but trying to safely and effectively keep mosquitoes at bay, while we are trying to enjoy the outdoors, is almost a full time job! We wrote about Amazon Lights earlier this year and I am thrilled that a local store in Northern Ontario carries that product. Last year, we also wrote about a bug repellent clothing line, Insect Shield, that supports international relief organizations to assist at-risk populations protection against insects with bed nets, blanket and covers, as well as Insect Shield uniforms for relief workers.

Below are two more products that will make these summer days and nights far more relaxing.

Terminix ALLCLEAR Mosquito Mister – Since this product is not yet available in Canada, I brought my Terminix Allclear Mister all the way from California to our family island cottage in Ontario. The pretty lantern uses a spray canister (available on Amazon for $28.00 for a 3 pack) that repels mosquitoes for about 10 hours. Its non-toxic solution sprays from the lantern and covers about 300 square feet. Perfect for sitting around the deck for an after dinner drink. The lantern can be programmed to spray at different intervals – depending on the density of those small biting insects. Conveniently controlled by a remote control, the lantern can be turned on and off from where you are sitting. We don't mind hanging it right above us and because of the 100% all natural lemongrass formula is no danger to pets, children or food. Plus, it has a pleasant lemony scent. Buy directly from Terminix  or Amazon for $75.00.

Life Stings Natural Bug Repellent – We wrote about the Duggan Sisters and their wonderful Life Stinks all natural deodorant a couple of years ago, and we are happy to report that they now have an all natural bug repellent called Life Stings (get it?). Made mainly of organic Catnip Oil (who knew that this was 10 x more powerful than DEET!) without the dangerous chemical toxins, LifeStings will keep the bugs away all day. Don't let the pleasant scent and silky skin lotion fool you. A must-have for when you are out gardening, camping in the deep woods or any other outdoor summer activity. Re-apply when needed without worrying about poisoning your body. And, of course, (need we even state this?) it is cruelty-free. Buy directly from the Duggan Sisters here for $20.00 for an 8 oz bottle of lotion.


AfterBite – If you have already been bitten and can't stand the itch, it is not too late to get relief. Try AfterBite (they also have a gentler AfterBite for Kids) for $7.00.






Summertime night time star-gazing just got a whole lot more fun!

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