Mr. Bird’s Holiday Bird Seed Chalet

By Audrey van Petegem, Senior Editor

My family and I have just relocated back to Eastern Canada from California for a two year stint. I must admit that I so loved this past fall season up here that I am really looking forward to a very white Christmas. When I last lived here (over 18 years ago!) I loved the look of Christmas lights reflecting off the snow on the outside trees around my home. I loved to attract birds and decorating a holiday tree with seed ornaments. And I am planning to do that again this year.

Mr. Bird has an entire line of ornaments specifically made for our fine feathered friends. My favorite is the Holiday Chalet. This handmade chalet has beautiful details that include a white picket fence with a tiny red toboggan leaning against it. Completely covered with millet, canola, cranberries and accented with pine cones and needles, it attracts blue jays, chickadees and other birds. After the seeds are all gone, this wooden chalet converts to a birdhouse for nesting, so we can continue to enjoy watching these birds all year long.

A great gift idea for bird lover or anyone who would like to see more beautiful birds visit their outdoor space.

Buy directly from BassPro and also check out Mr. Bird's website to view their entire line of seed ornaments to decorate a holiday tree for wildlife.

We are giving Mr. Bird's Holiday houses and ornaments our gift-worthy seal of approval because they are simply beautiful, handmade and bring joy to our home.


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