NOVICA – A Global Platform for Artisans {Dedicated Post}

NovicaMeet NOVICA. This is a company that gives artists and artisans around the world a global platform to express their true artistic talents and to spur their creativity.

1. We love your website, NOVICA. It's full of beautiful and lovely gifts for giving and for yourself. What is the idea behind Novica and how did the company start?

NOVICA's birth came from a desire to cut out the long strings of middlemen and bring handcrafted items directly from the artists to the customers. We're really committed to helping artisans get recognition for their work while earning a fair income for their skills… all while maintaining great value for customers – it's a tricky balance, but well worth it!

The preservation of art and culture is also a big part of our mission. Our founders wanted to make being an artisan a viable source of income, so that artisans would not abandon ancient craft techniques.

2. How does NOVICA communicate with the artisans in each region?Evelyn Kafui artisan on Novica

What really makes this business model so unique is the way we work with our artisans. In each of our 8 regions (Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Brazil, Ghana, India, Thailand and Indonesia) we have an office which forms the center for our artisan community. These offices are staffed by local art and culture experts, fashion and product photographers, videographers, writers and technicians, all of whom work directly with artisans to help get images of their offerings online and available for sale. There's a real feeling of family at all our regional offices… and it's a privilege we get to share too at our headquarters in Santa Monica, California. It often feels like we are part of a big global family… and we are always thinking of ways to bring everyone even closer – check out our Pinterest page to see us in action!


3. Holiday gift giving is almost here. What are some recommendations that you have for great gifts for this season?

Yuni scarves novicaFor starters, our “Celebration Collection” just debuted, which is perfect for a heartfelt gift. This is a jewelry collection of pendants, earrings, rings where you can mix and match birthstones and birth month flowers of your kids, grandchildren, and loved ones in your life. More so, our jewelry gallery has something for everyone. We highly recommend checking out some of our Customer Favorites spanning Bali, West Africa, Brazil and many exotic places.

Another favorite of ours are Batik Scarves. These add an elegant touch to any outfit. One artisan in particular we recommend checking out is Yuni Kristina from Bali; Yuni hand paints each silk scarf with traditional batik floral patterns.

Decorative gifts are also a great touch. For your eco loving friends and family members we have some amazing hand-blown recycled glassware from Mexico by Javier and Efren. On the lovey dovey front, our “romantic sculptures” are also worth mentioning. These are always nice accent pieces.

As for Dad and the men in your life, we have this one artisan from Mexico that designs chess sets and sculptures out of auto parts. His products are very intricate and definitely impressive. Also, be sure to check out our men's jewelry line…great finds across all price points.

Fun fact! Each product on our site is shipped from the region of origin, packaged in traditional wrapping paper and shipped with an artisan story card and postcard signed by the artist. It's a pretty unique experience!

4. Do you have new items in your shop for autumn or the holidays? What are they?

Most definitely. We recently put together a Fall Collection to highlight some of our new products for Autumn. We have some gorgeous Alpaca Ponchos and Sweaters from Peru that are definitely worth checking out. Also, some great cozy decor to bring in the new season including Talavera ceramics from Mexico, table accents and more. We have also introduced Fall Jewelry Trends focusing on warm inviting colors.

5. If you could share one piece of advice that has helped NOVICA along the way, what would it be?

I would say for us it is to always remember our mission and to stay true to this. We work with artisans and we strive to do everything in our power to honor their craft and empower their community. Remembering this and the bigger picture is truly rewarding and something we are all very thankful for.



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