Products That Can Help With Portion Control

By Audrey van Petegem, Chief Editor

Did you know that the number one New Year's resolution this year was to lose weight*? Did you also know that almost half of Americans make a resolution every year and only about 8% succeed to reach their goal? If you are one of the many whose New Year's resolution was to lose weight – or at least not gain any, there are some great products available to help you reach your goal.

Here is a list of my favorites:

HAPI forks Hapi Fork – Introduced at this year's CES (Consumer Electronic Show), the Hapi Fork is getting a lot of attention. And so it should. Since it can track eating habits, this can be every dieters dream product. With the help of an app, it will tell you how long it took to eat your meal, how much food intake per minute, the time between bites and if you are eating too fast. HapiFork will be available April 1, 2013 and you can go to HapiLabs to preorder.
 Silo Good Measure Quirky Silo Measuring Food Storage – It is easy to know how many calories are in food but how many people take the time to really measure it. Take, for example, cereal. I usually just guesstimate on what a cup looks like. Chances are I overpour. Same for pasta. The Silo's Measuring Food Storage have a nifty barrier that, when poured, measures the exact amount wanted. Buy directly on this site for new inventions, Quirky. Three for $39.95.
Spaghetti Measure Spaghetti Measurer –  A food that I always overindulge in is pasta. This handy gadget helps keeps the carbs in control by measuring the right portion size per person. Buy from Amazon for $7.00 
Prepara Oil Sprayer Table Top Oil Mister – This table top oil mister is perfect for spritzing on your salad. Spritzing is better than drenching and saves many calories! Infuse with your favorite herbs and spices. Also great for seasoning potatoes and grilled meats. Buy from Prepara for $19.99.
Edamam Recipes Edamam Recipe App – I am a huge fan of the Epicurious app and use it at least once a week. Then I read about Edamam. Think Pinterest meets Google. Edamam has great visuals and looks very similar to a Pinterest board. Search for recipes by ingredients or name. All the recipes come from all over the internet like and blogs like The Pioneer Women. The best part is that the calories and number of ingredients are displayed for each recipe. If you click on the calorie count, a nutritional breakdown will appear. How cool is that! Go to Edamam to download the free app for both Androids and iPhone.


Good luck! And let us know if these help you reach your goal!

* New Year's Resolution Statistics


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