Relive Your Holiday Childhood Memories with RetroFestive

By Audrey van Petegem, Senior Editor

I love this time of year when I can sit down with my family and watch all the old holiday movies together. The Christmas Story is one of the ones we never miss; along with How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Many of the classic movies bring back fond memories of my own childhood and I am thrilled that I can continue the tradition with my own children. This is exactly why Tyler Schwartz started a small company in Ontario, Canada called RetroFestive. Initially he only had one product – the infamous leg lamp from The Christmas Story. It did not take long for the success of the lamp leg to encourage Tyler to expand his business to offer other unique Christmas movie memorabilia like their other best seller, the moose mug from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Browse through the movies and TV show specials to learn interesting facts and history about each classic. RetroFestive also carries kitschy items like ugly Christmas sweaters and new holiday traditions like the book, Elf on the Shelf.

Whether you are decorating your home for the holidays or looking for a unique gift, RetroFestive is all about the classic Christmas. While perusing their pages, sign up for the newsletter, as they are always adding more classic Christmas memorabilia to reminisce over.


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One Response to Relive Your Holiday Childhood Memories with RetroFestive

  1. Carol April says:

    What an absolutely cool company!! Love the idea that you can get all the movie backstory to the items featured!! Thanks for turning us on to RetroFestive, Audrey!!

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