Review of Madison Reed’s Root Touch up

Excerpt: With more and more grays popping up and looking to extend salon visits for that “single process” hair color at the roots, I tried the new “Root Touch Up” product by Madison Reed. I liked it a lot. Here's why. 


My hair is getting more and more gray. It seems to me that the number of gray hairs are growing exponentially every day. I really, really respect the women who have the courage to “go gray” (and by the way, it is gray or grey??). I envy those who have a full head of well-maintained gray hair and I find it very beautiful, stylish even. And, though I find that coloring my hair is a drag (or I should say, having my hair colored, because I don't do it myself) and would love to go gray, I'm feeling stuck:

  • I'm only about 30% gray. That mixed in with my lack-luster natural brown hair would not be a look anyone should strive for.
  • The process of growing out the colored hair to go grey seems unwieldy, especially on long hair. I'd have to cut my hair short and that's not something I want to do right now.

Though our Susan Keats has reviewed Madison Reed hair color to great satisfaction, I am still going to my hair stylist for my coloring. Maybe it's because of an unnecessary sense of loyalty? But I think that it's mostly because I am lazy with that type of DIY beauty stuff (can't even do a facial mask at home) and, it's really because I love the custom color that my stylist has created for me. I want to hold on to that.

What used to be an every-6-week trip to the hair salon 15 years ago – when hair color was applied for fun and to brighten my hair, it became an every-5-weeks trip 5 years later as the grays started appearing and every-4-weeks in the last three years. It should really be every 3 weeks. By the end of week 3, I have a noticeable ¼+ inch of gray roots showing. And since the gray is conveniently clustered right in the area where I part my hair, the gray roots are really apparent and drive me crazy. And make me look like I'm balding. I stick it out for another full week, but that last week needs touch ups.

One time, out of desperation and before I knew better, I did the drugstore-brand root coloring thing. I only did that once as I was severely reprimanded by my stylist. That was a bad choice for all sorts of reasons (wrong color choice, chemicals…).

Then I tried other root cover ups like the hair mascaras and the sprays. Though these work to cover the grays, I don't like the film it leaves on my hair, how it makes my hair sticky and thick but not in a good way.

When I saw that Madison Reed had just launched their Root Touch Up, I bought the product immediately. This particular root touch up is a powder formula. It's foolproof to apply. In less than 2 minutes, my roots where covered and my scalp didn't look so bare anymore. Unlike the other root cover up products, this one didn't leave my hair with an icky, sticky texture. And, as claimed, the color didn't transfer on anything (pillows, hat, shirt) and stayed put all day.

However the next day, a good portion of the roots were showing again. Though the product info states that it will stay put until the next shampoo and that you can walk in the rain, workout or go swimming without worrying about the color coming off, from my experience, this is a single-day-wear application. Which is not a problem as it only takes an instant to apply. OK, so it could be that I could have been a little more meticulous and spent a little more time on my roots to ensure that the colored powder was well applied and really “got in there”, but a fresh application as needed the next morning works perfectly for me.

Pretty much love it. See why in the photos below:

Madison Reed Root Touch Up

And there is more to love about this product:

  • Like other Madison Reed products, the Root Touch Up has a low chemical profile and contains no titanium dioxide, parabens, sulfates or Madison Reed Root Touch Upgluten.
  • It's oil absorbing has many of the properties of dry shampoo. One stone. Two birds.
  • It includes ingredients like argan oil, keratin and ginseng root to restore elasticity, promotes shine, and helps hair lock in color.
  • It's also cruelty-free.
  • And it comes in a cute slim compact that can be carried anywhere and that spells “Hello Beautiful” when you open it. Cute.
  • P.S. It works the other way around too: to cover dark roots for lighter colored hair.

You can purchase the Root Touch Up product directly from the Madison Reed site for $29.95. Choose from 8 colors – mine is Medium Brown. The product is said to last about 60 applications. At that rate, it will last me 2 to 3 years. Good deal!

Will you let me know if you try it?






Root Touch Up

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37 Responses to Review of Madison Reed’s Root Touch up

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  2. Debra Schuessler says:

    Thanks for the review on Madison Reed Root Touch Up. I think I might try it! If I do, I will order it from the link on your website. 🙂

    Please sign me up if you send out email reviews/notices, etc.

    Debra, in Andover, KS.

  3. Hey there! I was curious to see if there were any reviews out there, besides the ones on the product’s website. I just ordered my cover-up this week and am excited to try it out…I’ll let you know how it goes. 🙂

    • Anne Marie Kovacs says:

      That’s great. I’m pretty sure you will like it. I’m about to take mine out as my grey roots are making their appearances. Please do let me know how you like it!

  4. Following up: I received my Root Touch-Up this week and I absolutely ADORE it! I swear, Madison Reed cannot do wrong in my book…I should probably go ahead and be their (paid!!) spokesperson because I have loved every product that I’ve used! lol I tried the touch-up in Dark Brown, which was suggested to me by one of their stylists. It matched my hair completely and, since I like for my roots to be a bit darker than the ends of my hair, it was very complimentary. It covered my roots completely and didn’t rub off. I love that I’ll be able to extend my hair coloring sessions a little longer now…score! 🙂

    • Anne Marie Kovacs says:

      Hi Nicole! Agreed on the Score part! So, so glad you liked the Madison Reed Root Touch Up.

      I’m trying their gloss next week. Stay tuned for that review! I’m guessing it will be a positive one.

      • I’ve tried the Gloss, too, Anne Marie! Yet another GREAT product…can’t wait to hear what you think. I color my hair every 3-4 weeks, but only the roots. My hair is very long, so I don’t like to damage the ends. I used color on the length the very first time I used Madison Reed and that was last summer. So, I was certainly due for a color refresher on the ends. Then along comes this little number! The color was gorgeous and it definitely perked up my color without damaging it…in fact, it felt even healthier after I used it. The only drawback for me was that it was a lot messier than the regular color. Of course, I am a total KLUTZ with stuff like this anyway, so I’m sure it was more of a user-error thing than anything! 😉 I’m definitely going to be re-ordering it, though…probably every 3-4 months just to “boost” my color. 🙂

        • Anne Marie Kovacs says:

          Nicole, I’ll let you know if I’m less of a klutz when applying the gloss, but likelyhood is low. But, I agree with the benefits of the boost of color (I know from when I get it done by my colorist) and the added silkiness to the hair. I’m sure that Madison Reed’s gloss will not disappoint. Review coming soon but yours is helpful in the meantime! 🙂

    • BJ DeCoeur says:

      Nicole, I am in total agreement with your review of the Madison Reed products. I’ll never use anything on my hair again! Not only is it gentler on my hair, my stylist aka my daughter, LOVES that it has no unruly smell like the salon and drugstore brands. It really DOES smell like flowers!! The root touch up is a dream come true. Not only does it cover the grays completely, and stay where you put it, it is SUCH a good value!!! As a side note, my right arm is disabled, but I am able to apply the root touch up with my left arm with no problem and it comes out perfect each and every time. Thank you Madison Reed!!! It is SO nice to find a product that does what it says it will do and MORE!!!

      Your loyal customer
      BJ DeCoeur

  5. Sally says:


    Can anyone tell me how it feels to run a brush through your hair once this root touch up is applied? I have found with other products such as hair mascara, etc. that once you apply it to your hair, it’s hard to pull a brush through the parts that have the root touch up.

    • Anne Marie Kovacs says:

      Hi Sally, as mentioned in the post, I have found hair mascaras to be “sticky”, this is not the case with Madison Reed Root Touch Up which is a powder. When applied, you can’t feel that there is anything there. Though I can’t speak for how well it stays put after hair brushing. I brush my hair before applying the root touch up so there’s never been an issue.

    • Hi Sally,

      I do the same thing as Anne Marie: brush my hair before applying the powder. I find it easier to do that because then my hair is already styled and I can just apply the powder where necessary. I really don’t think, though, that brushing would be an issue. It’s a very fine, silky powder…not sticky at all. 🙂

  6. n l buongiorne says:

    Didn’t do the job! I ordered the medium brown, my hair is a little lighter and it didn’t cover the gray at all. It almost made it dull gray. Will not buy again.

    • Anne Marie Kovacs says:

      Hi Nancy, So sorry to hear that. As you know, it works wonderfully for me. Did you try calling the company? They might have some ideas as to why it might not have worked for you.

      • Kathy C. says:

        Hi Nancy!

        Kathy from the Madison Reed team here. Thank you for sharing your experience and sorry to hear this. Please contact our Color Crew and let our experts know about your experience. We’d love to try and help! (888) 550-9586 or colorcrew at madison-reed dot com. (M-F 7AM to 8PM or Sa-Su 7AM to 6PM PT)

  7. BJ DeCoeur says:

    Nancy, the suggestion to add about 15 min to the processing time worked for me to cover ALL my grays! I have stubborn ones that are solid white and kinky! The additional processing time solved the problem.

    I LOVE Madison Reed!!!!!

  8. Kathy C. says:

    Hi BJ! Thank you so much for sharing your experience and for your continued support. We love you right back!

  9. Cheryl says:

    it sounds almost too good to be true but getting ready to order right now. Thank you for your review and your advice as well as all the comments.

  10. peg mckenna says:

    where can i get a list of the ingredients in the root touch up?

  11. Cary Montalvo says:

    Are you able to order just one compact or must you sign up for the autoshipment/autocharge?

    • Anne Marie Kovacs says:

      You absolutely can order just one! Click the red Shop Now button. Once on that page, you will see two options: Subscriptions and under that, “Just one compact”. You will love it. Promise.

  12. Stacey says:

    I love love love the Madison Reed root touch up powder!! I am getting more and more gray and just don’t like the idea of applying color too often, so I was happy to find this product. I just received mine over the weekend and couldn’t wait to use it; all I needed was a little brush over my roots and it covered the grays all day (I haven’t gone out in the rain nor have I gone to the gym since using it so I’m not sure about those situations but I have used a hat while out in the cold and it didn’t remove any of it)!!

    • Anne Marie Kovacs says:

      Stacey, so glad to hear that you love it. As you know, I do to and the Root Touch Up has just saved me last week, while I was traveling and had to delay coloring my roots. Phew!!

  13. Silvia says:

    Hi there,
    I think I’m going to try the color touch up. I have a random mascara version and like you said, it’s sticky and messy. I”m not a fan. Hopefully this will do the trick for my sudden increase in grays! Does this brand have any other promotions other than the first time purchase free shipping? Times are rough and I’m trying to shop on a budget ?


    • Madison Reed says:

      Hello Silvia, Tana here from the Madison Reed team. You’re going to love the touch up! It goes on like a dry shampoo and it’s virtually weightless. Give us a call and we will be sure to help you take advantage of any available promotions when you order. :slightly_smiling_face: 1.855.742.5916

  14. Maryann Beard says:

    Hi. Sorry I’m a little late for the game, but I just found out about the Madison Reed Root Touch-Up while watching YouTube. I decided to search for reviews and found this. I’ve been using Rita Hazan spray on my part for several years now, and I’m really getting tired of the tacky texture. I have medium brown hair with caramel highlights, so I was thinking about ordering the MR Touch-Up in light brown. Can I use this powder on the hair at my temples, too? I can’t use the spray there, as it’s too difficult to control the application. Thanks for the review, and your hair is gorgeous!

    • Madison Reed says:

      Hi Maryann, Tana here from Madison Reed Color Crew. You are going to be SO happy with the powder touch up! No more sticky spray, you will forget it’s even there. You can easily apply the powder to the little grays that pop up around your hairline. We suggest choosing a shade that is slightly darker for the best coverage and depth at your roots. The Sabbia may be just fine but have a look at the Terra as well,

  15. carolyn mccleod says:

    looking for hair color that is for women over 50. My hair is breaking off. my hair grows so fast its thick but lately from coloring getting lots of breakage. gray coming in not fast enough so I hate it right now its around front mostly. HELP!
    So does this color work for African American hair.

    • Madison Reed says:

      Hi Carolyn, Tana here from Madison Reed. I’m a colorist. Our color is great for all hair types! The consistency of our permanent hair color is creamier than traditional hair color, which works wonderfully for coily or curly hair. Since Madison Reed Color is formulated to be very gentle and nourishing on your hair and scalp, it’s great for both natural, relaxed, or permed hair. If you are using a relaxer currently we suggest you perform a strand test just to be sure the two are compatible. We are very gentle but we don’t want to risk any further breakage. We will refund you if there are any problems with the strand test.

      • Hey ladies, I have been using Madison Reed for years. I am a loyal customer and my hair has NEVER been healthier! In fact, it’s in better condition now than when I was in my teens, 20’s, or 30’s (I turn 44 and fab next month!). ?

        I would be happy to show you before and after pics and the current Madison Reed color I’m using. I also use their shampoo/conditioner, exclusively.

  16. Carmen Lopez says:

    I ordered the Madison Reed powder root touch up. I have 1 inch of white coming through on the part line. This product did not cover up the white totally. Very disappointed.

    • Madison Reed says:

      Hi Carmen, we’re so sad to hear this, but appreciate you letting us know! A good pro-tip to try is using hairspray as a primer before applying the root touch up powder. This helps the powder better adhere to the hair. If you are still unsatisfied with coverage, reach out to us ( and we’ll take care of you!

  17. Mary Gustin says:

    The Touch-Up color is VERY nice with good coverage. HOWEVER, I found the application method to be totally awful! The tube/sponge method was a nightmare to use. The formula does not flow smoothly through the sponge so you end up either squeezing it or shaking it onto the scalp. The color comes out in spurts with no continuity. Needless to say… droplets all over myself and the bathroom counter, walls, etc.

    • Anne Marie Kovacs says:

      Hi Mary, thanks for your comment! I believe though that you are talking about the Root Reboot and not the Root Touchup featured in this post? The Root Touchup is a powder temporary grey hair camouflage solution. This one is not messy.

      I just tried the Root Reboot and will be posting my review this month. Stay tuned, but in the meanwhile, I didn’t have the same messy experience as you did though I will agree that the formula did not flow easily out of the tube. Still, the results were excellent!

      Thanks for sharing!! I know that Madison Reed welcomes all this customer feedback.

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