Rewined Candles – The Bouquet of Wines

By Audrey van Petegem, Senior Editor

As you know The Succulent Wife's team loves a good story. And there's even more to love with a company that has a motto that goes “Every day we strive to turn discarded items into beautifully designed and functional products”.

Rewined Candles is the brain child of Adam Fetsch. When Adam worked as a sommelier in a popular local restaurant in Charleston, SC, he observed cases and cases of bottles just being discarded. Not recycled in any way, shape or form. Just simply thrown out in the trash. Seeing beauty in the wasted bottles, he came up with the perfect upcycled use for these bottles… as vessels to hold wine scented candles.

As the nose of the team, Adam was able to carefully blend fragrances that mimic the flavors and aromas found in some of the favorite varietals of wine. He has been able to recreate nine different bouquets of wines into scented candles. I was amazed that I could tell the difference between a Cabernet and Pinot Noir. The Pinot Noir, their best seller, has fig, cranberry, leather undertones and a hint of earth. Impressive!

As demand for the candles increased, Adam brought in Alex Kurtz and Beau Burdette, two colleagues from the restaurant, to help expand. And expand they did! These young entrepreneurs, with their passion to make a difference and to create something truly unique now employ ten twenty-something employees.

Every step of the candle making process is done by hand – from collecting the bottles to cutting them and blending the fragrances to pouring the premium soy wax. Each label has a space for the candle maker to sign and date, thus imprinting the product with a personal touch. Colorful wax seals are used to differentiate the scents. To add to the companies philosophy of thinking green, each candle is adorned with a sticker that encourages recycling.

Although one may not think of a candle to be a perfect Father's Day gift think again! If your father is a wine lover he will genuinely enjoy this gift – and for a lot longer than a bottle of wine! A great hostess gift too!

Buy directly from Rewined Candles for $27.00

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  1. Chris says:

    Love these – thank you for finding them. I would put these in my own home, since we are not fans of the flowery scents found everywhere.

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