Send a Postcarden for Mother’s Day

By Audrey van Petegem, Senior Editor

Sending mom a Mother's Day card and/or a bouquet of flowers is a simple way to say that you are thinking of her – particularly if you live far away. Postcarden cleverly combines the beauty of flora with a greeting card creating a simple and inexpensive way to show how much you love your mama.

These pop-out cards transform into mini-living gardens and are available in three designs: Botanical, City and Backyard. Your mom will open and unfold the card, water it and sprinkle the enclosed edible cress seeds onto the damp paper. Within a few days the seeds will start to grow and will keep for, at least, two to three weeks.

Each Postcarden features enough space to write a personal how-much-you-mean-to-me note on one side and a bright, bold illustration on the other. Postcarden is designed and produced in the UK by A Studio for Design, but are sold exclusively in the US by Brooklyn5and10 for $12.95.

Thoughtful, adorable AND affordable.



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