Sexy Slang’s Bedroom Challenge – The Book

It's getting cold out there. Time to heat things up.

Sexy Slang (I love this brand) has come up with yet another way to get couples to cozy up. While they started with with the Sexy Slang board game mentioned here and then the dart game (here), it's the latest addition to the collection that is getting my attention of late: their book, Sexy Slang Bedroom Challenges, 69 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life. It's part game, part sex education and part therapy and all feel good.

Sexy Slang’s Bedroom Challenges brings some excitement back into the bedroom. Their motto: “We're saving marriages one challenge at a time”. Indeed, did you know that 90% of first-time divorces have infidelity as the reason for the breakup? It seems that a lack of sexual novelty is a major cause of marital discord.

Bedroom Challenges to the rescue. The book features 69 Sexy Slang terms (Happy Trail? The Corkscrew?) which are presented in a two-paged format. The first page features a pictogram of a Sexy Slang term for you both to guess what it is. On the back, the second page lists 5 “challenges” that relate to that picture on the page before. Readers are prompted to answer the challenges to score the “Booty Prize” related to that challenge.  Obviously, some topics are more risqué than others, but the choice is yours. In any case, this book is a great “excuse” to approach a difficult or perhaps taboo “conversation” with your mate.

The Bedroom Challenges sells on Amazon for just over $10.00. Much cheaper and way more fun than therapy, I'd say.

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2 Responses to Sexy Slang’s Bedroom Challenge – The Book

  1. don mcd says:

    When are they going to let guys tell the reason for infidelity in a marriage…

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