ShaToBu – ShaperWear With Built-in Workout

By Audrey van Petegem, Senior Editor

During the summer months, I inevitably put on some weight due to all the BBQ’s that we either host or are invited to. I eat way too many burgers and potato salad and, let’s not mention all the Bloody Caesars (a Canadian version of the Bloody Mary).

When I discovered ShaToBu (that's short for SHAping, TOning and BUrning calories) I thought “This is just what I need!” According to the website, “ShaToBu shapes, tones and burns up to 12% more calories as women go about their daily activities. With regular wear, women can see and feel a difference in their bodies over time”.

I was pleasantly surprised with the fit. I could feel the resistance bands when I walked, but not so much that it was uncomfortable. When I wore it into town, running my usually errands and grocery shopping, it took a bit more effort to walk but it felt great knowing that I was burning more calories. The ShaToBu tagline “The Workout You Wear” is perfectly chosen.  When I getting dressed up to go out I used to wear Spanx, but now why not get an extra little “workout” while sipping my Chardonnay! I also decided to take it a little further and started to wear ShaToBu under my exercise pants when I work out. The “real” workout.

I've only had my ShaToBu for a couple of weeks and because of the summer clothes I wear (mainly bathing suits and cover-ups) I have not worn it as often as I would like and so  have not seen direct results just yet. The technology though, makes perfect sense. It's all based on resistance as explained in this video. Simple. So, I am looking forward to the fall and cooler weather so that I can wear ShaToBu more often, under jeans and longer skirts. It will be great to get in an effortless, regular “workout” just by wearing this undergarment. I will definitely report back on how it is working for me.

Get more information or buy directly from the ShaToBu website or from Amazon.

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