Shoe Clips – Boring to Vavavoom in an Instant

By Anne-Marie Kovacs, Chief Wife

The upcoming party season (which begins for me tomorrow!) has most of us gals thinking about what we will wear. Personally, I always start with the shoes and get inspired from there. This year, I am NOT about to get another pair of black shoes. I already own a pair in every heel height and comfort level. But I am thinking of dressing up my heeled pumps with some sparkly shoe clips. We've seen the high end designer shoes get embellished with all manners of adornment. But I'm not into paying $895 for a pair-of-party-shoes-that-I'll-only-wear-a-couple-times (for example).

It's gonna be shoe clips instead. I love shoe clips. That old trompe l'oeil styling trick for otherwise ordinary shoes. In my search for the just-right pair of shoe clips for this season, I came across these options that I wanted to share with you, whether you want to buy a pair for yourself, give them as a gift (we think shoe clips make for a great gift idea) or, for the brave among us, make them.

  Jacob Lily Shoe Clips – This company offers pretty shoe clips to transform any shoes – or sandals – into party shoes. Plus, they will donate $1 for every pair sold to the Women for Women Organization, a fantastic cause. Shop all shoe clip styles here.
  Swell Caroline Monogram Shoe Clips – Monograms are always so chic. And, why wear someone else's emblem on your shoes (or anywhere) if you could wear your own. These make a TERRIFIC gift idea too. Shop the triple or single letter styles here.
  Lindsay Phillips Shoe Snaps –  This company also sells the shoes to which all these wonderful shoe clips – or Snaps, as they call them – attach. I love the explosion of color and texture in these clips. They do spell “Par-tey”! Shop here.
  Sofisticata – We love to represent Etsy artisans whenever we have a chance, and Sofisticata won my heart with her very embellished shoe clips. Somehow, a great balance is struck where the shoe clips are very glamourous without going into kitsch. I love how the designer suggests the various ways of using the clips: besides shoes, also adorn a headband, an evening bag… Shop Sofisticata here. – This company, as the name well indicates, is ALL about shoe clips. There is something in every style and every color. Take a look at the bootie accessories too. As they say “A Little embellishment goes a long way”. Couldn't agree more. Shop
  Heel Rings by Absolutely Audrey – Audrey mentioned the Absolutely Audrey (no relation!) collection of shoe clips last year. Love them. But this year, I am also loving these heel rings, another way to dress up that pair of basic pumps to make it look super chic. Take a look here.
Ban-Do Shoe Clips – Ban.Do makes a full range of fun & colorful fashion accessories. In this case, we need to, bien sûr, highlight their adorable shoe clips. A quick way to get your dancing shoes ready! Shop Ban.Do shoe clips. 
  DIY Shoe Clips – Some of you are thinking these have to be easy to make. And I'd say you're right, especially if you don't have to run around to get all the materials and if you own a glue gun. Here are some great DIY shoe clip tutorials, on InTheTweeds and on Ruffled blogs.

Time to get you {shoe} bling on!

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  2. Erica says:

    I purchased the monograph clips for my mom and she LOVED them. She wears them with all of her flats, since she loves how comfortable and chic flats can be with skinny jeans or slacks. Great find!

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