Shouldn’t Mother’s Day Be For All Mothers?

By Audrey van Petegem, Chief Editor

What does your perfect Mother's Day look like? For me, it is breakfast in bed with the newspaper and my young girls competing on whose school-made gift I will open first. It is either going out to lunch or walking the dogs with my 20 year old son, who knows that spending an afternoon together has been our tradition on Mother's Day for the last six years. Simple, right? How easy for us to enjoy this day that became an official celebration for mothers over 100 years ago.

Not all countries, mind you, have a day designated for mothers. But no matter what country we live in, all mother's sacrifice much in the name of their child. Careers, goals, health and, yes, even their very life.

I know this sounds dramatic, but it is true. All over the world women have sacrificed much to having and raising their children. Should this not be what Mother's Day is about? To acknowledge these sacrifices and support those who are struggling for freedom, healthcare or simple survival?

Below are some worthy causes that support mothers here, in Third World countries and globally. Your support can be as simple as joining their cause, sharing a post on your Facebook page or donating as little as $5.00 (you, of course, could do all three!).

Take a look, contribute somehow and make a difference:

Mother's Day Movement

Mother's Day Movement – Started by a small group of women, the Mother's Day Movement chooses a meaningful cause to raise money for women around the world. This year the group is dedicated to reducing the maternal mortality rate and to help mothers-to-be have a safer, healthier childbirth experience. Go to Mother's Day Movement to find out more.


Mothers 2 Mothers

Mothers2Mothers – Sponsored by Johnson & Johnson, their mission is to end the transmission of HIV from mother to child in Africa. Through their services, and with global assistance, they believe that HIV transmission could be eliminated by 2015. To find out how you can help go to Mothers2Mothers.


Global Mom Relay
Global Mom Relay – A United Nation initiative, this virtual relay will improve the lives of women and children around the globe. Until May 8th, 2013 each time a person shares a relay post on Twitter, Facebook or Email and/or simply donates $5.00 or more, Johnson & Johsnon and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will donate to one of four causes to help women and children. Sign up here and use your social media platforms to support this effort.


Mom Rising – It is amazing when a handful of moms come together to make a difference. Now over a million strong, they are a true force to be reckoned with. Their goal is to use their collective voice to fight for women's rights on education, fair wages, maternity leave and healthcare. You can donate here.

Want to give another mom (or yourself) a smile? Customize this MomsRising's video and you will surely make another mom's day!

Mothers Rising Custom Video


Happy Mother's Day! And thank you!

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