Solar Battery Chargers – Go Green

By Audrey van Petegem, Senior Editor

Solar power is definitely an important part of the future for electronics. It’s cheap, green, renewable, and universal. With modern devices consuming less and less power, the efficiency of solar cells is increasing. And, as we get increasingly mobile ourselves, we expect our electronic devices to keep up with us, no matter where we are and where we go. Here are few solar products that are well worth your attention. You may even find something here for Father's Day and new grads…

Laptop Case: This Solar Laptop Case by Voltaic comes with the most powerful battery packs available that will hold enough energy for a full laptop battery charge. The case is large enough to hold a 17” laptop inside. The bag is made of recycled materials and is water resistant and lightweight. Perfect for on-the-go travelers. Just keep the case in direct light and your laptop computer will always be charged. Buy directly from Voltaic Systems for $499.00.
Solar iPad Case: I take my iPad everywhere I go, since I not only use it for entertainment purposes but also as a laptop. This case is perfect because not only would it keep your iPad protected but also continuously charged. Buy from Sun-Plugged for $160.00.
Solar Backpack: This backpack is ideal for hikers and outdoor activities. Perfect to keep your small emergency devices charged, such as, a phone or GPS. It comes with a charger and adapters for most portable devices. Buy from Amazon for $139.99. 


Solar Charging System: Ultra-light USB solar charging system fits easily in your pocket. The solar panel can charge in one and a half hours and it can recharge your cell phone up to three times on the one charge. Buy from Goal Zero for $139.99.
Suntrica SolarStrap: The Suntrica SolarStrap looks like a luggage tag. It attaches easily to your purse or briefcase as it keeps your small devices charged for when they are needed. The tags are designed for rough use with their sturdy case that protect the flexible solar panel and internal battery.  Buy here or see list of retailers here.
Solio Solar Chargers: The Solio charger charges your handheld devices at the same rate as a conventional charger. It can store the sun's energy, for up to a year, until you need it. So, there is not need to worry if you need to charge something at night. How cool is that! Perfect for the outdoor adventurer who will be away from civilization (and source for electricity) for a few days. Buy directly from Solio from $59.95.
Juice Bag – Solar Beach Tote: Worried about your phone or iPod dying while at the beach? Or that your iPad will die right at the good part of that great summer read? No worries, this beach tote has a thin, heavy duty, flexible solar panel built right on the side that can easily be removed when the canvas bag needs cleaning. Simply bring your own electronics' car charger to plug into the panel. Inside the tote is a convenient pocket to keep all your chargers. Buy at Reware for $249.00.

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