Some Gift Ideas to say “Thank You Teachers!”

By Audrey van Petegem, Senior Editor

Tomorrow we will be in the month May (already?). How many weeks are left of school? It already appears that the year is winding down. This year I helped out at both of my daughters' (ages 6 and 8 ) schools, more than I ever have in the past. I helped with special art classes, taught a weekly yoga class and helped out in their classrooms. I was able to get a real glimpse into a teacher's day and was in awe with what they accomplish in a day and their joy and commitment to teaching. I saw them in their multiple roles as leaders, actors, artists, singers, disciplinarians, mentors, counselors and confidants. I saw my children learn, grow and become confident, caring beings. I am always amazed on how they have grown since their first day of school in September. So, how do  I thank these teachers for their dedication in to my children's education?

Volunteering in the classroom might well be the number one way to show appreciation, Beyond that, here are a few gift ideas to say “thank you” for the job they do:

Custom Stamps – Give a teacher a personal touch to all their correspondence. These pre-inked stamps are fun to design to suit the personality of your child's teacher. They last up to 30,000 impressions without re-inking. Perfect for pre-school to high school teachers. Buy at PJ Greetings for $39.95.
  One of a Kind Key Chains – Design your own jewelry/keychains. With a variety of original pendants that can complement each other – from gemstones and glitter boxes to initials, art charms and nameplates (i.e. teacher). The sky is the limited on a one of a kind piece that you can design. Here are my creations. Go to Art By Amy and be inspired.
F in Exams – A humorous account of actual answers on tests taken by students from grade school through high school. Give them a chuckle and be thankful that your little Johnny or Janey did not make the book. Buy from Uncommon Goods for $8.50.
  Lesson Planners – A personalized, colorful Lesson Planner designed by teachers. It is full of inspirational quotes that will help simplify and stylize the weekly plan. Buy from Erin Condren for $50.00.
And if the whole classes pitches in everything would fit nicely in a… 
Personalized Tote Bag – Perfect to hold everything from water bottle to lap top, this bag can go from the class room to the beach during their summer break. Buy from HTs Creations for $25.00.

And if you still need inspiration, check out our Gift Guide for Teachers.

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