Swivl – A Personal Cameraman

By Audrey van Petegem, Senior Editor

Sometimes I come across a product that has yet to hit the market and I can hardly wait until it does, so I can sing its praises for you here. Swivl by Satari is one of these products. I became aware of Satari when I started following their progress through Indiegogo (a crowd funding platform similar to Kickstarter) over a year ago. I was really rooting for this personal “cameraman for hands-free videoing and I was happy to see other people could conceptualize, not only how cool this product was but, how it could revolutionize video-making.

Having a son who is an avid skateboarder I saw the value of the Swivl right away. This is how it works: snap your iPhone (or,  it also works with any small video camera such as, Flip or GoPro) onto the Swivl's swiveling tripod, attach the wireless microphone on yourself, hit Record and the camera will follow your every move. The camera can be placed horizontally or vertically and, as it rotates it will keep you centered in the frame. The integrated wireless microphone gives clear audio with all iOS devices. Swivl will even charge your Apple device while in use, so there is no need to worry about your iPhone dying.

The possibilities for use are endless. Watch this short video to see some of its capabilities;

At the beginning of the year Satari was only taking pre-orders but now all orders are being shipped within 2 to 3 weeks – just in time for Father's Day. Go to Swivl to purchase and, while you are there, enter their giveaway  and like them on Facebook. You never know. You may just win one for yourself!


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