Tabletop Paper is Chic ~ The Paper Table

Beautiful things can be simple and simple can be so beautiful. That's true for form and function. In this particular case, I'm thinking of the wonderful paper shades by The Paper Table.

Diahann Potter is the entrepreneur who launched the Paper Table Collection. She started her career in the banking and IT fields and then did a left brain to right brain career shift and went into design. The Paper Table is the happy result of her transition.

Launched just a few months ago, The Paper Table offers ornamental paper goods to create elegant candle shades, plate chargers and decorative candle bands, all made in the USA.

The Paper Table makes it easy to dress up a table for any occasion. I particularly love the paper shades which are simply dropped over a wine or champagne glass which contains a tea light to create instant, super-elegant mini lamps. There are many patterns and colorways to choose from. I'm particularly drawn to the Menu Shades on which one can write down the menu for the evening's dinner.

The paper chargers give that all-that-is-needed finishing touch to the table and add instant charm. Pair the chargers with the paper shades and you have elevated paper to a whole new level of refinement.

The Paper Table goods are great for a fancy dinner, but think of them also for the other occasions when you need to set that special mood. Weddings and showers come to mind. And for that, you'll want to know that The Paper Table offers custom design services to match your color scheme and theme.

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