Take a Nice Clean Breath: LightAir Air Purifier

May is Asthma Awareness Month.

We knew that all the fair weather we had this winter would come back to bite us in the butt. First, “they” say that insects will go crazy (see our recommendation made earlier this week for the all natural insect repellent candle), and then ragweed and other allergens are going to have a field day. Literally.

Besides that, there is a multitude of airborne pollutants (dust, smoke, pollen, bacteria, virus, mold, pet allergens) that also make their way into the home. And we all want to avoid these, as we know that fine particle pollution is especially harmful to children, the elderly and people suffering from cardio or respiratory conditions like asthma.

We've heard it: The air we breathe in our own homes could be a health hazard. Especially for those of us who live in dense urban areas.

So besides the obligatory vacuuming, dusting and checking for mold, what is there to do to minimize the presence of allergens in our homes? How about a stylish and oh-so-easy-to-use air purifier? Meet the LightAir air purifier collection. We love this find.

The LightAir is a stylish Swedish air purifier design that works with ionizing technology. The other LightAir features include an energy efficient and silent operation AND there are no expensive filters to hunt down and replace (simply rinse off the dust particles that form on the collector). Beautiful aesthetics and function.

Here's a video that explains in better detail how the LightAir works:

To find out more, visit the LightAir website.


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3 Responses to Take a Nice Clean Breath: LightAir Air Purifier

  1. Chloe says:

    Absolutely LOVE my Lightair! I’ve been seeing this featured in a lot of media lately, so glad its getting the recognition it deserves 🙂

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