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We like to think that teens are so difficult and that they like nothing at all. Except their friends. And their music. And that t-shirt that is worn e.ve.ry.sin.gle.day. But really, they are not soooo impossible to please.

Please allow us to bring you some teen-pretested gift ideas that might just get you a smile and even acknowledgment and recognition.

Many of the following gift ideas are entirely affordable and hence make great sibling-to-sibling gifts, stocking stuffers and gifts for BFFs.

Enjoy and we hope this inspires…

Pook Toque –  Because, like your teen, this hat goofs around, takes on multiple personalities and has attitude. And is a lot fun.  Made in Canada and sold on Pook.ca. Here’s the How-to-Style video. I could tell you that Justin Bieber wears the Pook Toque, but not sure if that would be a selling point…
Laptop Decals – So many to choose from various artists on Etsy. Find your favorite.
Magnetic  Thinking Putty – Like Silly Putty but wayyyyyyy more interesting and “grown up”. This is a great stocking stuffer or a great gift from one sibling/cousin/BFF to another.  Here’s the video on how the magnetic putty works. Fun for all ages, I'd say. Get it here.
Pick Punch – Make your own guitar pick. My son will be getting this for my daughter who has just bought her first guitar. This punch makes guitar picks from just about anything including credit cards, photo id cards, gift cards. Get it here. Watch the video for cool ideas on customized guitar pick designs.
T-Shirt Quilts – A great way to showcase all those “keepsake” t-shirts that capture various momentous occasions in your teens life.  Order your t-shirt quilt or buy the Make-it-yourself instruction book & templates.
Wood Burning Pen – Got a creative teen on your hands? This easy-to-use pen wood burning pen is a great example of an old crafting tool that can create contemporary culture art. Burns decorative designs in wood or leather. Also cuts stencils, plastics or Styrofoam. Buy here.
iPod Schtickers – Allow all the iPod, iPhone, IPad owners in your home to identify and personalize their own electronics. Choose from the available designs or better yet, create your own. Also check out the Case-Mate I make my Case cases which we wrote about here. A gift certificate is a good idea to let your recipient design their own case. Pun intended. Start here.
Zodiac Jewelry – Choose the constellation that represents the zodiac sign of your recipient. Various Etsy artists offer great zodiac jewelry pieces.
UrbanEars – The Plattan Headphones come in 14 colorful choices. These full sized headphones allow for rich and can fold down to the size of a fist. They also come with a “zound plug” on the earcap, for a friend to plug in and enjoy the music. The Plattan Plus model has a compatible microphone & remote.  Shop here.
Hypnosis for Studying and Test-Taking –  For your teen who wants to achieve higher academic goals, this self-hypnosis CDs/MP3 combo might prove to be a wise investment as a well as a great gift. Sold here.
Mighty Wallets – Made from Tyvek®, these wallets are tear-resistant, water-resistant, expandable and recyclable and will resist all sorts of abuse. Great patterns or choose the “Draw on Me” solid colored wallet that begs a Sharpie. At only $15, we think that this is a great sibling to sibling gift idea. Available here.
Worst Case Scenario Man Skills Book – Only a teenager, not yet a man. Still, never too early to teach them what will be expected  of them as productive young men in our society! On Amazon.
Guy Jewelry – From my experience, young men like jewelry too. Here are some great “manly” and stylish bracelets, like this Man Up bracelet in sterling silver and leather by StringBeadz on Etsy. It can be stamped with a message or the recipient’s name. Or still, check out the other cool jewelry pieces for men by other Etsy artists.
Bulletproof Vest T-ShirtNot an actual bulletproof vest t-shirt. But the imagery will get people talking. Something provocative. Just what most teens want… Available here.
Hadaki Bags – Cool messenger bags that provide style that goes to school. Large enough to replace the uninspired backpacks and can even fit a laptop.  In addition to being super cute, Hadaki products are Eco-friendly and use no Phthalates/DEHP, DBP, or BOP. Buy online at Hadaki.
Leg Warmers – Fashion AND function. And yes, what's old is new again. Just wait 20 to 30 years. So, leg warmers are back. We love the choice at SockDreams.com.
Solid Perfume Jewelry –  A sweet gift for a young woman. The Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume ring boasts a solid perfume which has a playful, bright and alluring fragrance. A more “antique-y” variation on the same idea yields these lovely perfume lockets at on Etsy.
Mighty Totes – We mentioned the indestructible Mighty Wallets for the guys. Here’s the indestructible tote bag for girls. Lightweight (1.6 oz!) but very durable as it is made of Tyvek.  Also available in a blank D.I.Y writable surface for the artistically inclined teen.  Tucks into a pocket to be used when necessary or strong enough to carry books & homework!. Buy here $15. Like the Mighty Wallet, we think that this is a great sibling to sibling gift idea.
Skull Filigree Earrings – Got a stylish emo-goth around, whose style you can’t shake? We love these  – actually – very pretty skull earrings by Infrared Studio.
Jewelry Organizers –  A necessity for all that cute jewelry she has already been given and which she has only started collecting… Help her get it organized with a decorative jewelry display such as as this one created by Polli. In a variety of styles and colors.
Ila Security Personal Alarms – This might be a better gift for the giver (the parent’s peace of mind) than for the recipient, but it will be appreciated all around. Choose from the Dusk or the Pebble as accessible personal  alarms or the Wedge (for dorms or travel) and the Sport (for the early morning or late night runner).  Available here.
Valentina Design Affirmation Prints “She believed she could do it so she did” is one of several affirmations beautifully illustrated and available as prints. It's just what every tween and teenage girl needs to hear. Buy them from Valentina on Etsy here  for $15.00.
Gab Studio Bag Kits – Do you know a girl that loves to create? Gab Studio Bag Kit comes with all the material to make your own bag, with suggestions on ways to add some personal touches. Buy on UrbanJunket.com for $78.00


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  1. Kristin says:

    LOVE the tshirt quilt… I have a duffle bag stuffed with old tees for this very reason only I am NOT any kind of sewer… best part about this is THEY WILL DO IT FOR YOU! Hooray!

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