Thanksgiving #Infographics

By Anne-Marie Kovacs, Chief Wife

I love infographics. So perfect for us skimmers, scanners and other visual types.

For your amusement, here are some fun Thanksgiving related infographics. Maybe they'll provide some fun trivia to bring up at the gathering on Thanksgiving day.

PS: in each case, click on the image to view the full infographic.

The first-timer's guide to roasting a turkey:

First-timer or not, this infographic has all the How-to info you need to roast a turkey. We can all use a little refresher when it comes to cooking a turkey.

First Timers Guide to Roasting a Turkey


Thanksgiving Day foods that can kill your dog:

I feel like a complete fool that I didn't know about some of the items on this list. Onions and garlic. Ouch. No more leftovers whatsover for Skippy.

Thanksgiving Foods that Kill Dogs


Thanksgiving Etiquette Table Settings:

Because you always wanted to know how to fold a napkin in a turkey shape…

Thanksgiving Etiquette Infographics

Carve our the Thanksgiving meal calories:

Here's a good visual guide to serve yourself reasonable portions of the Thanksgiving feast and to not hate yourself the next day.

Carve Out Thanksgiving Calories Infographic

Cost of Thanksgiving dinner over the years:

With inflation adjusted cost, Thanksgiving dinner is costing us less than it did about 25 years ago.

Turkeynomics Infographic


Thanksgiving travel:  

Wow. Only 5.3% travel by air. That's fewer than I thought given the airport nightmares…

Thanksgiving travel infographic

Anatomy of a Genetically Modified Turkey:

When you “see” it, the message comes across clearly. So many reasons to stay away from commercially farmed turkeys. So sad.

Anatomy of a GMO Turkey Infographic


Great ideas for Thanksgiving leftover recipes: 

And, you will also want to check out the Pinterest boards on that same subject.

Turkey Leftover Recipes Infographic


Now we're ready. Happy Thanksgiving!

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