The Gentleman’s Boombox (For Father’s Day)

I saw – and fell in love –  with these “boomboxes” that I stumbled upon while exploring Second Friday in the Chicago Art District last month.

Lloyd Davis of Artpentry is the creator of these ultraverycool speakers contained in vintage suitcases and trunks.  Or, as he calls them, “amazing pieces of functional art”.  Indeed. You can plug in your iPod or whatever audio device to get the most stylish/funky looking  music delivery system anywhere.  When we visited the Artpentry studio, my husband and my son where all over these pieces, which is why I thought that they were perfect to mention as a gift idea for Father’s Day. Or for any guy for any occasion for that matter. Can you imagine one of these in HIS den?

Each Gentleman’s Boombox is, understandably, a one-of-a-kind piece. Should you not live in the Chicago area and be able to visit Artpentry in person to view available Gentleman’s Boomboxes, you can contact Floyd by phone at 312-NAG-TOTS or email at and he’ll provide you the details of what pieces are available.

You just know that the Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, Pink Floyd and The Police will sound so much sweeter on these…

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