The Succulent Wife – How It All Began

By Anne-Marie Kovacs, Chief Wife

Audrey and I were honored to be interviewed by Becca Niederkrom at the She featured us in her new series called the 5 Alarm Boomer Blogger Series. Becca is all about empowering the aging senior, especially on the tech gadgets and systems. She also reaches out to us Baby Boomers as she knows well that we are the ones making most of the decisions for our aging parents. Here's more about Becca's work. 

If you ever wondered how this whole bloggin' thing got started, you'll have to story right here as painfully coaxed out of us by Becca!



You will also want to watch the fun interviews with other boomer bloggers, namely Donna Hull of My, Bobbi Palmer of and Veronica & David of See them here.

BTW, here is the wine glass article that got Audrey to start blogging and our post on the Garject, the ultimate garlic press so awkwardly mentioned here (I was sure Becca would edit that out!).

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2 Responses to The Succulent Wife – How It All Began

  1. Becca Niederkrom says:

    Such fun gals! Thank you for kicking off the “5 Alarm Boomer Blogger” series and sharing your story. Thoroughly enjoyed, rock on with your succulent selves =)

  2. Fun Interview! I loved seeing your LIVE FACES again!

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