The Succulent Wife’s Summer Break – Look Back at Favorites

It was in 2007 when The Succulent Wives came to be a blog. Looking back we are amazed on the plethora of topics that we have written about over the years. Some were poignant, some funny and many we had completely forgotten about. As our blog has grown, so has our readership and because of that, we want to share the ones that, to this day, are still our favorites. The one below was originally posted in 2010 but definitely worth repeating.

 Kinesys is a type of company that you want to support. Not only do they, quite honestly, have the best sunscreen product out there but also are a company with a conscious. Kinesys has proudly and victoriously added a new 2012 FDA Monograph to their label, which states that what they claim is true, plus a new trademark “Earthkind” to ensure that customers KNOW that all their products protect your skin and also the planet by enforcing ethical manufacturing.

Kinesys EarthKind sunscreenI have truly discovered the perfect sunscreen for everyone in my family. KineSYS. I love the microspray applicator. It makes the sunscreen so easy to apply as it prevents the sunscreen from overspraying and it helps provide an all over, uniform application. It is also fast drying and has no slippery oil or thick pasty feel to it. You hear people say in the promo video that it feels like air. It's true!

Inevitably my girls will rub their eyes right after I apply sunscreen on them. With this product line, there are no more screams from sunscreen in their eyes. My son no longer complains that his hands are too greasy to play sports.

KINeSYS uses no parabens, preservatives, nanoparticles, nuts, nut oil, gluten, dairy, egg, soy, sulphites or colorants. And as if it could not be any more perfect, KINeSYS also uses the highest quality recyclable materials for their packaging and a non-aerosol pump for the sprayer. KINeSYS products are also never animal tested. The company does its part to help the environment by using renewable power generation to help fight climate change.

All their products can be purchased on the KINeSYS website, Amazon or at various online retail spots.

Remember that applying sunscreen is a year round habit and not just during the hot summer months.

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