Think Pink

By Audrey van Petegem, Senior Editor

I don't know if you remember back in 1979 when Penne Laingen's husband, who worked at the American Embassy in Iran, was taken hostage. Inspired by the song, Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree, Penne tied yellow ribbons around the trees in her front yard to symbolize her desire for his return home. I remember thinking it was such a powerful image and people were encouraged to tie their own yellow ribbons to show support.

Yellow ribbons were resurrected again as the symbol for the soldiers to return home safely from fighting in the Gulf War. In 1991, AIDS activists took the idea and created the looped red ribbon which was worn first by actor Jeremy Irons at the Tony Awards that year. It officially became the symbol to show support to those who had been personally touched by the AIDS epidemic. In 1992, the Susan G. Koman took the symbol of the ribbon and created the now well-known pink ribbon that is worn by breast cancer survivors and people whose lives have been touched by this disease. I am sure that when Penne Laingen tied that yellow ribbon around a tree as a symbol for the safe return of her husband, she had no idea the power that her symbol came to mean to those wanting to remember the people they loved and could not be with.

We have all been touched by breast cancer one way or another. I am happy to say that I know more women that are survivors of the disease than those who have succumbed to it. I strongly believe in the power of the pink ribbon, which has become far more than the Susan G. Koman foundation. It shows strength, resilience and support. Display it proudly!

And, here are a few products we love that can help you show your support:

  Count Me Healthy Bracelet – Designer Chelsea Charles created a line of bracelets specifically to keep track of goals.  In honor of breast cancer awareness Chelsea has made a “Counting for a Cause” sterling silver bracelet with a sterling silver ribbon charm attached. The handcrafted silver balls help keep track of the number of treatments completed or the number of months/years being cancer free. 50% of the proceeds go breast cancer research. To purchase go to  ChelseaCharles. $88.00

  Annie Finks Sleeves – Show support and be stylish at the same time. Coming into the winter months they also will keep you warm. Visit Annie Fink to view her complete line of arm, neck and leg warmers. $30.00
  Not Done Yet T-shirt – Founder Carol April is a huge supporter of breast cancer research, after losing a close friend from cancer. This friend was her inspiration to start the NotDoneYet apparel line. A percentage of all sales goes to cancer research. The shirts come in tanks, t-shirts and long-sleeved. Buy directly from NDYNotDoneYet. Use code NDY25OFF for a 25% discount. $24.00 – $40.00.

  The Beverage Babe – These curvy bottle and can holders bring a whole new meaning of support. I must admit they are fun to hold and most definitely a way to show your support. Plus, and most importantly, when you buy one of their holders you will help with cancer research, offset someones medical costs from breast cancer and truly make a difference. So ‘Buy a Pair and Save a Pair' by going to BeverageBabe. $14.99 – $16.99


Do you want to feel further inspired?


Bob Carey needed a way to support his wife who went through 2 breast cancer diagnosis. The crucial lesson they both learned was that when things are bad laughter can truly be the best medicine. The photos of Bob in various locations wearing a pink tutu was a way to share a laugh. Help them reach their goal of $75,000 to go directly to breast cancer organizations. Go to The Tutu Project for further information.

and READ

Our very own Susan Keats powerful “My Afterlife Series“chronicles her life after breast  cancer. Trust me, you will laugh, you will cry and you will feel like you made a new friend.





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8 Responses to Think Pink

  1. Ever since my Mom got breast cancer and a radical mastectomy over 40 years ago, I have been involved in the search for the cure.
    Please sign up over at “Army of Women” to be a part of their numerous research projects to find the cause and a cure in our lifetime!

  2. Kat Meller says:

    I love all the PINK that can be found during October. I just wish that there was more “sharing” during the rest of the year, we have more work to do before this disease is eliminated.

  3. I like the “Not Done yet” shirt. Very cute. Thanks for featuring these products.

  4. Laurie says:

    What an inspiring post! My mom died of breast cancer ten years ago but I know the treatments today are so much more effective now. Thanks for showing us some new fun products for a good cause.

  5. Carol April says:

    Thanks so much Audrey, for featuring products that look great and support the efforts of organizations that are doing collaborative research on womens cancers such as the Noreen Fraser Foundation.
    Heartfelt thanks,
    Carol April

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