Tilley’s Intrepid Bag

By Audrey van Petegem, Senior Editor

We wrote about Tilley earlier this past summer and shared our article with the company. I had the opportunity to speak with Alex Tilley himself, who shared news of some of the new exciting products that they are introducing. I love the new fall and winter hats, but am head-over-heels with this bag that is making its grand debut today. It's called the Tilley Intrepid.

After seeing it “in person” I can vow that is one of these heirloom-will-only-get-better-with-age-hand-it-down-to-your-grandchild quality bag. The Intrepid is fashioned after a WWII Canadian officer's shoulder bag with all the updated quality & thoughtful details that you would expect from a Tilley product. Each bag has a brass plate with registration number to register it with the company. If  your bag is ever lost and a good samaritan finds it and contacts Tilley, they will help reunite the two of you.

I love the combination of the waxed cotton with “worn” leather look which makes the bag look like it's been around forever.  But I also appreciate that it's super practical too. It's perfect for a laptop or anything else deemed valuable to up to 100 pounds in weight (you never know when this will come in handy). It has heavy duty handles and lots convenient side and interior pockets.

The Intrepid is a limited edition bag available only through Tilley's. We think that this is great gift idea for the stylish college student or for the sporty husband.

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3 Responses to Tilley’s Intrepid Bag

  1. sapna says:

    Love this bag!!! It looks like a perfect combination of durability, quality and with a style that will always be “in style”!

  2. Alex Tilley says:

    Hello Readers

    Because the Intrepid is carefully hand-made, it’s slow to produce. At this time, it’s temporarily sold out. Would-be Intrepid owner’s should call 1-800-ENDURES to join the line-up.

    Because of this unusual delay, our Company will pay the shipping charges for any Intrepid Bag that has to be placed on backorder.

    It will be worth the short wait; we guarantee it.

    Thanks so much for your marvelous feedback and support.

    Alex Tilley

  3. Trevor says:

    I have one. It’s worth the wait.

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