Turning 50 and I’m NDY (Not Done Yet)

By Audrey van Petegem, Senior Editor

Happy New Year!  I am very excited about this year! I am turning 50 and I am truly embracing it! Here is a video about my plans for this year:


The t-shirt I am wearing in the video was given to me by ndy (Not Done Yet) creator, Carol April. I LOVE this t-shirt because this is exactly how I feel about turning 50 – I am generation-ageless! And, as Carol says “We are the generation that brought you Rock ‘n Roll, Earth Day and put the man on the moon, but we are Not Done Yet!”

We are the generation that, at this midlife age, has never looked or felt better. We have dreams and goals that challenge us and we plan on accomplishing them. Plus, this truly is the time in our life when we want to have fun. So, why not wear your new mantra on a t-shirt that says – among some of the clever choices – ‘Not Done Yet', ‘live-agelessly' or ‘Not Dead Yet'.  Each t-shirt, thermal or tank top, is manufactured in the USA and, for every shirt sold, a portion of sales proceeds goes to support Cancer and Alzheimer's research.

So, go ahead, make a statement and let everyone know that you are Not Done Yet!  To purchase your t-shirt got to the ndy online store. These make a great milestone birthday gift. I know I am stocking up!

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6 Responses to Turning 50 and I’m NDY (Not Done Yet)

  1. Michelle Zive says:

    Hello Audrey–

    What a wonderful, hopeful and powerful message for those of us (and those who aren’t) in the middle of our lives. I, too, am filled with wonder at the world and charged about what this phase will bring. I look forward to the series.

    P.S. Love the shirt.

    • Audrey says:

      Hello Michelle,

      Thank you for your kind words. It truly is a time of wonderment! In case you are wondering, I won’t be jumping out of any airplanes, but I will be challenging myself! And the ndy(notdoneyet) t-shirt gives me the right frame of mind!

  2. Jill Thomas says:


    You look beautiful! I am looking forward to sharing your 50th year with you through out this series. I, too, am approaching the big 5-0 and I embrace your message and attitude. Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

    Watch out world, here we come!
    ~ Jill

    PS. I am buying a shirt!!!

  3. Andrea says:

    Hi Audrey, you look fabulous in your video. I love the attitude so have a great year! When is your actual birthday anyway? June is ringing bells for me.

    My friend Wilma whom I met at Laurentian but who now lives in Texas but summers in Sudbury area is also turning 50 this year (as is My hubby in about a month!). I would love to get Willie a tshirt but I have the usual problem of US orders only!!

  4. Carol April says:

    Hi Andrea –
    I’m Carol,the ndy® not done yet tee shirt person that Audrey mentioned in her article above. Audrey asked if I would respond to your question about shipping to Canada. Thanks for your interest! Although we have not set up our shop for international – if you email me, or call or fax us on our 800 numbers, we can tell you what the costs will be and can process the order through our Intuit charge card system.

    Isn’t Audrey beautiful? And her words are so inspiring! I told her she personifies what turning 50 and “not done yet” is all about!!

    Best wishes to you!
    Carol April
    888.952.8886 (P) 888.952.5551 (F)

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