UPS Luggage Box – Ship It Instead…

Pack your stuff in a box instead of a suitcase? Not a crazy idea. Actually, we like it a lot… I see several advantages to the UPS Luggage Box. I like the concept of shipping my luggage instead of lugging it around through airports.

There are indeed some good reasons to love the Luggage Box:

  • Stick your tongue out at the airline companies for making air travel so unfriendly by diverting the luggage fee to another type of “shipping” company. UPS promises competitive rates with that of the airlines.
  • No standing in long cattle lines to check luggage at airport. More time for pre-flight martinis.
  • Ok, so the recycled boxes are not as chic as your designer luggage, but since they weigh a whole lot less, the boxes minimize the risk of overweight charges (for the luggage!) should you decide to check the luggage box on the flight.
  • UPS enables tracking via mobile apps. That makes for peace of mind. And, UPS
    might just happen to be more reliable than the airlines when caring for lost luggage!
  • Luggage-free traveling might almost (just almost) put the glamour back into air travel again. But mainly, I see this as an advantage for parents traveling with little kids, the elderly or anyone not able or willing to lug around a 50 lb suitcase.
  • Also a cool idea for the next time you run out of luggage space after your NYC shopping spree. Or, like most often happens to me, when returning with too many tchochkies & samples from the trade show. Definitely cheaper than buying a new suitcase.
  • If you are a AAA member you get a 15% discount. Woot. It counts.

TIPS: since this is brand new product for UPS, call your local UPS store in advance to make sure that they have the boxes or can order them for you. You will also want to plan some extra time for your box to arrive at destination since the cheapest option will be to send it Ground service. Call your destination hotel/friend/family to tell them to expect the package.

I should mention that there are two sizes for the Luggage Box. One is a check-in size while the other is a carry-on size. You should contact your local UPS office to figure out how much it will cost you to ship your box with UPS and to this page to compare the airline baggage fees.

I think I might invest in UPS stock now. Better bet than airline stock, I’m pretty sure.

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2 Responses to UPS Luggage Box – Ship It Instead…

  1. Kimberly says:

    Wow, that is neat. I haven’t seen those luggage boxes before. Have you tried this yet or do you know anyone who has? I would feel a little worried that the hotel might lose it instead of UPS.

    • The Succulent Wife says:

      Hi Kimberly, I’m thinking that with UPS tracking, less chances of anyone losing the box. Haven’t tried it yet. Anyone else?

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