Valentina Ramos – Inspired Illustrator

How befitting that, today, Valentine's Day, I would choose to tell you about a wonderful and playful illustrator by the name of Valentina. I thought I'd pay her homage on this day meant for lovers as I have a mad crush on her work, which is, in fact, a tribute to a true love for life.

You want to pay attention here, because I'm quite sure that we will be seeing Valentina Ramos‘ work in all sorts of places very soon. Certainly, it deserves to be. As gifted illustrator, she is making her mark with her own unique style, something that she describes as doodling. But, I'm sorry Valentina… To call this doodling is to undermine the intricacy of the happy, inspired illustrations.

And, on the inspired note, much of Valentina's artwork is all about living an inspired life. Her work is enchanting, playful and light and many prints illustrate positive messages: “Follow you Dreams”,  “Something good is going to happen” and the “She believed she could so she did” print of which I bought several copies for my daughter and nieces as gifts this past Christmas.

Valentina's work is available through various online retail shops. Her Etsy shop features some original pieces as well as her many prints, some of which can be personalized for a child's room (great New Baby gift idea!).

You can also find some of her distinctive cell phone covers sold through Uncommon.

Now, I'm imagining Valentina's enchanted illustrations on dinnerware, home decor accessories of all sorts, office accessories, wall decals… Target? Are you listening?

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One Response to Valentina Ramos – Inspired Illustrator

  1. Valentina says:

    Anne-Marie, thank you so much for this great interview!
    Have a great week 🙂

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