Winter Hair Fixes

By Anne-Marie Kovacs, Chief Wife

Dry. Limp. Frizzy. Split. Dull. Blah…

Yeah. That's what my hair is typically looking like at this time of year. It just take four-five months of indoor heating for it to become lifeless. Well, that was last year. This year, I have a few trick up my sleeves.

Audrey always says that I care too much about hair. My own and that of others (I don't discriminate). I justify it by saying that I'm of the Leo sign and hence must carry my mane proudly. But at my age, I find that bad hair is just as ageing as yellow teeth. So I especially look to prevent sad, lifeless winter hair and this year, I have been quite successful. Here's a panoply of products that I use (NOT all at once!):


Agadir Argan Oil Agadir Argan Oil – We wrote about the now famous Moroccan Oil over three years ago. I loved how soft, supple and lustrous it left my hair. Especially in the dry winter air and then also helpful to combat summer frizz. But once out of the first MO bottle, I went out to search for alternative options. That's when I found and still use the Agadir brand. I buy it at Amazon for about half the price of the other brand. A life saver for my hair in winter.
Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment Living Proof Restore – Everyone here seriously LOOOOVES this brand (Audrey mentioned it here). I just started using the Restore product this past month as a twice weekly 5 minute hair mask. It really does live up to its name as it truly restore hair and bring it back to life, bouncy and lustrous. In the company's words, Restore “heals each strand weightlessly, increasing strength, manageability and shine”. Looks like that to us! Buy at Living Proof or find the line on Amazon.
Solgar Biotin Biotin Supplements – Biotin is a B-complex vitamin that promotes normal immunity and plays a role in cell growth and skin health. As such, it's recognized to enhance the health of hair, skin and nails. For your hair, that means it will be stronger and less prone to breaking and split ends. Here are some Biotin brands on Amazon.
Professional Hair Gloss Prosfessional Salon Gloss – It's only once I moved to Chicago that my hairstylist here recommended hair gloss treatments. I will probably never go without them again. A gloss will restore the hair's shine as it straightens the hair cuticles damaged by coloring, hot styling and general air dryness. My hair looks – much! – shinier, healthier and is bouncier and more full bodied after each gloss. Colored glosses will also add a nice boost to your color. Results will last about three weeks. Ask your stylist.
 Meyers Dryer Sheets Dryer Sheets – So, this is an age old trick, but I forget about it all the time as a fix to get static out of my hair in a pinch. It's so simple: just grab a section of dry hair at a time and run the dryer sheet on it. Static hair was fun when I was 6 years old. Today, not so much. The dryer sheets shown here are from Meyer's. These biodegradable sheets are made with a vegetable-derived softening agent and natural essential oils.


And, don't forget the humidifier in your home. That's key for overall health. Here are some cool humidifier designs we mentioned this past fall.


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