Woolly Pocket – Expand Your Plant-Abilities

As autumn is breathing down our neck, it's nice to know that we don't have to forgo all notions of lush green foliage for the next few months. Indeed, take a look at these very unique planters. Woolly Pockets are flexible, breathable, and modular gardening containers. “Woollies” can be used indoors or outdoors. They are made of felt derived from 100% recycled plastic bottles that allows the soil to refresh its oxygen supply. This is important for “breathability”, a gardening best-practice explained here.  And, the built-in moisture barrier – that keeps all moisture contained in the, well, container – is made from 60% recycled plastic bottles, according to military standards for impermeability.

I particularly enjoy the Woolly Pockets for vertical gardening. They don’t take much space and it’s easy to envision placing one (or several) on practically any wall of the house. These are also perfect for home herb gardens or for school gardens for which, btw, Woolly has created a program (tell your kid’s teachers!).

To add to the charm, Woolly Pockets is a family owned and operated company that does everything they can to practice sustainability. Love.

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