Workout Gear to Fancy This Spring

Finally, days are getting longer and, though I hate the feeling of losing an hour, Daylight Savings time (March 13) means that there will be light when working out in the wee hours of the morning. Just enough to make those early bird workouts somewhat less painful. So, if like me, you are looking forward to hitting the pavement instead of the treadmill, we thought that you would enjoy these particular finds:

Silversport Silver Towel is made out of super soft and highly absorbent (and sustainable) viscose bamboo that is embedded with Terra Silver™ technology which utilizes antimicrobial silver to eliminate odor-causing bacteria in your towel. We also love the use of this technology in the SilverMat too, perfect for yoga. Available at on their website.
HeadSweats – Or, more appropriately performance hats. Unlike many of my friends who manage to still remain well-coiffed after a rigorous workout, I'm invariably a sweaty mess and always have to wear something on my brow to keep the sweat out of my eyes (at least I know that I am sweating out those toxins!). I like theSweatHeads hat and the visor, both with COOLMAX® fabric that wicks away moisture plus a soft COOLMAX® terry sweatband creates maximum air flow and moisture transfer. The UltraTech Headband might work well too, for the inside workouts when a hat is not needed. Prices approx. $20 and $15. Available in the HeadSweats online store.
Arm Sleeves – Before the weather gets warm enough to go sleeveless, I like  the idea of these arm warmers to cut the chill before the body warms up. I also like the “mitten” hands as I use to securely hold my iPhone there, on the inside of my palm, for easy reference to my running app and music.  The New Balance arm sleeves shown here are available through Zappos.
Vapur Anti-Bottle – We love this product and have mentioned it before. The Vapur is a foldable, a reusable water bottle. Fits into a pocket to be filled up when convenient or emptied and folded when needed. Great for traveling through airports too. Leak-proof, dishwasher safe, BPA free, made in the USA. Get the Vapur Anti-Bottle here or on Amazon for about $12 for a set of two.
Lululemon Running Key Cuff – The house key and the couple “emergency” bills of money are always hard to stash when you don't have pockets in your workout gear. I like this simple cuff that can fit those small objects securely and without adding bulk. It has a reflective trim for added visibility at nighttime. $10 at lululemon. See them here.
Original Buff – As always, I love multi-tasking, wear-multiple-ways garments or accessories. In this case, the Buff, the perfect headgear for the active one. Wear as a beanie for cool early spring workouts or as a headband to keep the sweat off the brow. View these videos to see a few of the other ways to wear the Buff. Buy from the House of Buff Store for about $20.
The Training Fan –  Great reference for training outside the gym or pushing through your solo boot camp workout. Lots of well-illustrated, easy-to-follow exercises. Great for travel too. Available on Amazon for $24.95. Check out the Yoga Fan too.

Let us know if you have any cool workout accessories that you would like us to add to the list.

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  1. Mrs/Dr T says:

    I love the arm sleeves. They can easily be pushed down or up to regulate your temperature when it’s chilly outside. I was going to suggest these Adidas sport sunglasses that have a sweat guard built in, but I cannot find them on their website. Perhaps they stopped making them. Also, I highly, highly recommend using an ID bracelet when exercising outside, particularly if you have any health issues (e.g., allergies to medications, diabetes, etc) or will be far from home. Here’s a link to the one I have, but I believe there are several companies making them now.

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