Yes! Yes! Yes! – Certified Organic Lubricant

Susie Lennox, one of the founders of Yes® Pure Intimacy, worked in the pharmaceutical industry for years. She was having an issue supporting products that could actually do more harm to people than help them. So, she and a colleague decided to quit and create a new company with integrity. The product they created was a Certified Organic lubricant.

I loved discovering Susie's sense of humor as I listened to her story. Just the name of the website Yes!Yes!Yes!.org shows it. On a serious note, I loved what she had to say about this product. Currently, Yes comes either as an oil-based or water-based personal lubricant. The oil-based is made with sweet almond and sunflower oil, with cocoa and shea butters and a touch of beeswax and vitamin E. The water-based lubricant was created because the oil-based lubricant can break down the latex in a condom. This one is made with aloe vera and organic flax extract with some plant based gums – guar, locust bean and xanthan.

As Susie states “Yes has the power to change your world from the inside.” And this is clever: “With Yes® lube, your own signals of desire are neither obscured nor confused, but  – Luberated!

I have personally tried many of the over the counter products and found them quite unpleasant to use. I was looking forward to trying out Yes. I loved the single applicator. It was so easy to use. There was no odor. The lubricant was light, clear and effective with no messy clean up.

Susie also shared with me that this is perfect for women with cancer. Indeed, radiation and chemo tend to dry out the body and it can becomes painful for a woman to be intimate. To use a further thing inside or outside their bodies is not what they want. Because the Yes lubricant is certified Pure, Natural and Organic and uses no parabens, glycerin, hormones, silicones and petroleum ingredients it’s a perfect product for them.

Yes Pure Intimacy has just launched Yes Baby, the first certified organic fertility-friendly lubricant system. I had no idea that the lubricants on the market today can actually kill sperm. This is not welcomed news for couples working hard to have a baby. Yes Baby has sperm-friendly lubricant to use at the most fertile period and a supply of ovulation tests to determine when those periods are. The vagina-friendly lubricant is used after the fertile period to restore vaginal PH.

The product is made in the UK and can be purchased on line at and can be shipped to Canada and the US.

Enjoy!   😉

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7 Responses to Yes! Yes! Yes! – Certified Organic Lubricant

  1. Scent Magic says:

    WOW! I had never thought about organic in this sense – and yet, it makes SO much sense! Thank you for the posting and the recommendation on the product. Now if we can just get a U.S. company to make one so we don’t have to pay overseas shipping!


    • The Succulent Wife says:

      Hello Scent Magic,
      So glad you love this product as much as we do! You will be happy to know that Yes Pure Intimacy hopes to start distributing here next year. As for the overseas shipping, if you buy more than $60 US the shipping is free! So stock up! Trust me you will be glad you did.

  2. Peggy Broughman says:

    My husband ordered me some more of your product which I love. But he ordered me the water base and I have been using the oil base. What is your return policy? My husband ordered under his email and name.

  3. kathleen mcghee says:

    have tred numerous prescribed forms of moisture, including hrt creams and pessaries. everything only stings even more. been using live yoghurt, which is not very long lasting. had
    swabs and checks and seems to be chronic vaginal dryness. any advice welcome.

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