You Got a Standing Desk. Now, How to Stand Comfortably.

By Liza Kovacs, M.S.C, M.A., Fitness Contributor

My sister (Chief Wife here at TSW) has been on me about this post for a couple of months now.

She needed some help transitioning from working sitting to standing. You might have read a previous post here on the Succulent Wife, on how she became allergic to her chair (yup, no kidding) and about the physical toll accumulated from years of sitting at her computer. She even reviewed standing desks in her quest to get the most out of her predicament.

So once the chair was out and the standing desk was in, the Chief Wife encountered another issue: pain from standing long hours. Standing requires support from the back and front muscles of our trunk. This is not something we normally think about but muscular imbalances through our bodies, from years of bad habits and just plain living, can cause pain in a position that otherwise we would deem normal or that we have not yet built endurance for (ask any standing cashier at Cosco!).

While most people pay for my services she, being my sibling and all, is entitled to freebies when it comes to issues regarding postural and pain issues of non-medical nature. With simple advice and a few easy exercises she was able to remedy problems she encountered while working standing and she wants to share that. So here it is!

In this video I share with you 3 key tips on how to stand pain-free:



Standing is a dynamic posture. Remember that our bodies are never static. Even while standing we are constantly in motion and if you stood on a footscan device you would see that you are creating little circles even when you think you are immobile on two feet.

How cool is that?



Liza KovacsLiza Kovacs, is a movement specialist living in beautiful Panama. Once a professional ballet dancer, she now teaches students of all ages, imparting beauty, wellbeing and health through the moving body. Gathering momentum entering her 40’s she completed a MA in Dance Pedagogy, a MSc in Dance Science from Trinity Laban (UK), squeezed in certifications in Pilates, extensive studies in Laban Movement Analysis, anatomy and biochemistry in NYC. She is a wife, mother, blogger ( and an eternal student. Follow her on Twitter at @mindyourstep.

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3 Responses to You Got a Standing Desk. Now, How to Stand Comfortably.

  1. Stephanie Sitzberger says:

    Great tips. Wish you were here so I could get more tips and instruction on how to remain pain free with all the manual labour we do! It looks like Panama is agreeing with you.

  2. Liza Kovacs says:

    Solutions are often very simple to remedy aches and pains from routine work, whether it is from manual labor or more benign daily activities 🙂

    Feel free to email me any questions you might have at

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