ZAND Amsterdam – A Skirt That Can be Worn Four Different Ways

By Audrey van Petegem, Senior Editor

You would never believe it, but I'm actually NOT a shopper. I have never been one of those people who feel that going to the mall is a great way to spend the day. To me, large chain retail stores, including the discount stores, serve one purpose only – to sell me something that I specifically need, in which case, I try to buy that item online. I am far more interested in discovering little towns full of quaint shops while on vacation and I certainly get excited when I find a unique treasure. This just makes me happy! But, is this not what The Succulent Wife is all about?

So, when I was traveling with my sister and best friend, Keri, to the Fairmont Montebello in Quebec for  my 50th birthday getaway (yes, another one), we had to stop in Ottawa for a quick break. We went to the Byward Market that is made up of all these tiny unique stores and outdoor vendors; selling everything from Canadian souvenirs to local merchandise to eclectic international products. And what, you may ask, did I get excited about? A skirt!

Made by ZAND Amsterdam, this one-size-fits-most skirt can be worn by someone who is anywhere between a size 2 to a size 14 and no two skirts are alike. Although the company is based in Amsterdam, all the skirts are manufactured in India with fair trade in mind – meaning that all their tailors make far more than their Indian counterparts and no child labor is involved in the making of these garments.

The wide waistband flatters body types with wide hips or with a belly as the skirt has a double row of snaps giving the wraparound skirt the ability to drape flatteringly and to be worn with equal advantage by women of different body types and body sizes.

The waistband can be unzipped and reversed, allowing the skirt to have four different looks. It comes with an attached purse that complements the skirt is a contrasting way. The purse is perfect for a cell phone, money and ID. The skirt is as surprisingly slimming as it is versatile. I bought one that I will wear just as well on the golf course as at the upcoming BlogHer12 Conference. And Keri and my sister, Deborah also bought one. We are all a different shape, size and height, but we all looked amazing in them (if I do say so myself).

The ZAND Amsterdam website is in English and Dutch and you can order the skirt directly from them, however I would contact and inquire about shops in your area (or at least a store that ships from either Canada or the USA) that carries their line.

I truly love a good find!


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5 Responses to ZAND Amsterdam – A Skirt That Can be Worn Four Different Ways

  1. Lizzie Legate says:

    Hi there
    So glad to have found you!
    I purchased a gorgeous skirt from someone in uk up in Kent – v v pleased with it.
    I’m coming to Amsterdam just for a few hours on December 15th (cruise)
    Do you have a shop/warehouse I could visit to see more skirts?
    Also possibly interested in wholesale .. Do
    You allow eBay sales? My husband is in business – not a shop. But I reckon these skirts would go down a storm among friends and my daughters contacts.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards
    Lizzie Legate

  2. Joni says:

    WOW!!! OMG I am in looooove! I am 56 yrs old and just purchased the brown tweed and colorful banded amazing skirt. I will be buying more short ones to wear with jeans!!! Thank you thank you…love Joni from California xoxo

  3. Robin says:

    LOVE the wrap skirt, can you tell me if you’re modeling the short or long skirt?

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