Wear you blooms

Fashion craving: Spring in full bloom

The many wonders of coconut oil

The many wonders of coconut oil!

Radiant Orchid - A fantasy shopping guide

Radiant Orchid – Ode to the Pantone Color of the Year 2014

The Water Method

The Water Method – Get “Regular”

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Health & Wellness

Healing Natural Oils for Headaches – A Review

I’ve had a preference for natural remedies over conventional drugs for as long as I can remember so I was more than happy to test out the H-Headaches healing oil.

H-Headaches by Amoils

Style & Beauty

Fashion craving: Spring in full bloom

After an eternal winter, nothing says “Welcome Spring” like colorful floral prints. We’re finding this season’s flowering trend to be quite satisfying.

show off spring

Health & Wellness

PSA! Overdosing on common OTC pain killers is dangerous? You bet!

Did you know that an acetaminophen overdose can cause liver failure? And that NSAIDs overdose can cause serious and painful stomach bleeding and ulcers?

Aches and Pains Graphic thumb

Finds & Gifts

Clever Finds to Keep it Fresh (in the bathroom)

As humans, we like to think that we are a species that continuously evolves and becomes more refined. Granted, that notion is not so clear as we observe the present state of world affairs… But when looking at the cosmetic and hygenic side of things, we have certainly cleaned up our act, at least in […]


Home & Garden

The Urban Composter for city dwellers

Composting was never thought of as a practical option for apartment dwellers and other city folk. Now, all you need is a balcony. And the Urban Composter to get you started.

Urban Composter

Style & Beauty

HAIR DYE-ARIE – A Madison Reed Hair Color Review

Today I looked up Madison Reed Hair Color. There are samples of colors that I can look at, but as always, I am confused about the color I want. I like the dark brown my hair used to be before I started messing with it so long ago (the irony!).

Grey hair before Madison Reed

Food & Recipes

Secret Ingredient – Coconut Oil

Coconut oil’s moment has arrived. And if you haven’t already stocked up, let me give you reasons to consume and liberally slather the stuff.

The many wonders of coconut oil

Finds & Gifts

Clever Find: It’s a wine holder, a lantern holder…

Since bringing wine is such an expected gesture, go ahead and show some originality by wrapping it in something… unexpected. Like in this fun, colorful wine carrier called the Circol├ęt.